Monday, May 30, 2011

Silver Pines - Forces (2010)

discovered this record because of the sleep 8 over post below. three band members (all girls from Austin, Tx) are the same, but there's definitely a different sound here. think shoegaze calexico. i told luke there was some electro in there, i take that back.

personal favorite tracks are maypearl and timefather


Friday, May 27, 2011

Sleep ∞ Over - Outer Limits (2010)

Only two tracks.

Especially 'Outer Limits' is instant bliss.

rik, they're playing at primavera sound this year


DM Stith - Heavy Ghost (2009)

I can't believe I've only just come across DM Stith (cheers to Ev for the shout). Awesome and dark folk-noir compositions with beautiful vocals/lyrics, intricate and weaving guitar-work and some great, often chaotic, production. Brings to mind artists including Joanna Newsom; Nick Drake; Bill Callahan; Fionn Regan; Jeff Buckley; Benjamin Wetherill and many others. Basically all great stuff! He's currently touring Europe with Sufjan Stevens (playing Prima Vera festival tonight actually!).

Here's him playing live in New York last year with some wonderfully deft backing from Inlets:


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peggy Sue - Fossils and Other Phantoms (2010)

Saw these guys last week and they're really ace. Quite varied folkiness with awesome harmonies, sometimes an accordian and some soul-infused vocals. Altogether YEAH.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alela Diane - Black Cab Sessions

I just stumbled onto 'Black Cab Sessions'. They're all about "one song, one take, one cab." Luke posted an Alela Diane album some months ago, so I figured I'd listen to her singing in a cab. It's great.


-Really loving this. Great late-night vibes. L

- fixed the url -p

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – I Learned the Hard Way (2010)

"Since so few acts in the new millennium attempt the old-school soul that’s the specialty of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, it may be easy to assume that they’re heralded simply because of their rarity: although they certainly sound like plenty of acts from back then, they’re praised because nobody else sounds like them now, something that’s all well and good but doesn’t quite suggest how good the group really is. I Learned the Hard Way, their fourth album, goes a long way in illustrating that they’re very, very good, holding their own with all the ‘60s Southern and Northern soul they hold so dear."


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Feelies - Here Before (2011)

After 19 years, another Feelies album.

1. Again Today (3:43)
2. Bluer Skies (3:13)
3. Change Your Mind (4:38)
4. Here Before (3:19)
5. Later On (3:11)
6. Morning Comes (4:12)
7. Nobody Knows (2:52)
8. On And On (3:52)
9. Should Be Gone (3:30)
10. So Far (3:55)
11. Time Is Right (2:35)
12. Way Down (3:39)
13. When You Know (3:16)
and if you don't know what the fuzz is all about:

Crazy Rhythms (1980)

The Good Earth (1986)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

James Blake - S/T (2011)

Sparse-chic-eclectic-soul-bass-dub-electronickery - yes Brixton based James Blake is currently IN. Sparse is the watchword ;) or perhaps "sparse + mashup crescendo = blake"

Especially check out Lindisfarne i & ii for a nice intro to his sound.