Thursday, July 25, 2013

Paul McCartney - Bogey Wobble (1980)

who knew mccartney kraut-rocked? admittedly 6 years after autobahn was released, but whatever, great wobbling.


Moderat - II (2013)

i was already halfway to work when i realized i'd set my alarm one hour early. there was no point in turning back, so i got off the tram and aimlessly roamed around rainy brussels for an hour and a half. stricken with self-hatred and bitter regret, made worse by slight waves of nausea (not a morning person), i tuned in to NPR's latest All Songs Considered podcast to kill some time.

i'm usually not the biggest fan of ASC, maybe it's the all-american-mega-positive-vibes and shameless lack of edge [fuck buttons is pronounced as "f-buttons", come on]. but this time, although after a numbing volley of bland in-jokes, someone played 'This Time' from Moderat's latest album II. perfect track to listen to in the middle of brussels' grayness. it's not on youtube yet, so check it out (scroll down) on NPR.

fyi Moderat is the unholy union of Apparat and Modeselektor. Fact Magazine categorized their sound on II  as "digital shoegaze...closer in spirit to Border Community’s emo-electronics than much of Monkeytown’s back catalogue."

NOTE 2: favorite track on II

NOTE: after listening to the whole album, it sounds like 50% of the tracks are slightly clubbier than "digital shoegaze", almost more Caribou-inspired. for example: