Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gentle Friendly

Thinking of HEALTH made me think of a band who make similarly awesome music but who mean a lot more to me: Gentle Friendly. GF is made up of David Morris and Richard Manber (originally Dan Boyle). David's from Birmingham, my home town, where he was already playing in some great bands like The Reverends back in the day; we've come in and out of each others lives over the years. They've supported HEALTH and Ponytail among others in their time and have been released by ace lables like No Pain in Pop and Upset the Rhythm.

Gentle Friendly make seriously beautiful and progressive noisy melodic lo-fi which just cuts through in a way that totally grips you. The vocals, often distorted into the mix, swirl with a real emotional intensity, and the frantic drumming really wraps up some of the rabid and throbbing synth lines. Their live show is where their raw awesomeness really shines through. There's more info on their label bio.

Here's a couple of examples of why they're fucking amazing:

And here's one of their early songs played live - 'Five Girl Night' - great tune:


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