Monday, October 17, 2011

Crystal Fighters - Star of Love (2010)

Crystal Fighters are a London-based Basque troupe band who've been together since back in 2007 and have reached real critical and commercial success over the last couple of years with some stellar singles (one on Kitsuné I believe), including Xtatic Youth (below) culminating in the release last year of their debut album Star of Love. The album reveals a collage of influences, frequently fusing Basque folk instruments with dirty basslines and scenester London-electro; add some densely layered vocals and you've got some real gems.

As such, the album is beyond varied, but this doesn't detract from the flow but merely demonstrates what a wonderfully playful and prodigious talent these guys are.
Compare for example the delicate electronics, instrumentation and soft poppy melodies of 'At Home' with the dirty shoreditch electro anthem of 'Xtatic Truth' (complete with half-rap vocal hook - not a fan of that, but hey).

And here's a clip of a fresh mix of the CF track 'Champion' from London producer Gongon, who's an accomplice of Deadboy's and a former football compadre of mine!


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