Tuesday, January 10, 2012

American Analog Set

For me, American Analog Set are one of those bands that instantly put me back to a certain time in my life, remind me of friends and good times. I suppose if you haven't got that experience, then it won't do that for you. But I reckon they're the kind of band that would do that for you whenever you start listening to them. So be prepared for remembering nostalgic things around the time when you get into them, in the future. Memories from now, in the present, when you are loving American Analog Set, which will revisit you when you listen to them plaintively, in the future. ;-)

They've been going since 1995 and they're still doing it six albums in. Just amazing. Drifting, wistful, melancholic indie with warm guitar tones and layered soundscapes that remind me of The Appleseed Cast and some other bands that flourished in the dream-indie/post-rock world of the late 90s.

Here's 'Gone to Earth' off their absolutely phenomenal 2001 album Know by Heart:

And here's 'Using the Hope Diamond as a Door Stop' from their ace EP From Our Living Room to Yours back in '97:


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