Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OK Captain - "Newport" (2010)

Pop-punk-cheesy-nostalgic-anthemic-goodness. The lyrics are made all the better if you know the author, Chris, who will be an 18 year old New England beach boy for eternity. If you're a twenty-something and this doesn't make you yearn for days of no responsibility, sneaking out to drink on the beach, and eating bad Chinese food (that's probably just me) then I feel sorry for you. If it's too cheesy...well I will admit it has some cheese...but hopefully you'll join me as "I stand still as the sun comes up and watch my youth wash away."

Download for Free: http://therealokcaptain.bandcamp.com/

p.s. this band no longer exists, so that might give them some credibility or something.


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