Friday, April 6, 2012

S.E. Rogie - Palm Wine Guitar Music 1960-69 (1988)

S.E. Rogie has things sorted out. it's all about good vibes, respecting ladies and the large quantities of palm wine after which the genre was named. there's some clear country influences blending with laid back west-african melodies, while the finger-picking and vocals are phenomenal throughout. 'Please Go Easy With Me', 'My Lovely Elizabeth', and 'Advice to Schoolgirls' [Rogie advises schoolgirls to eat healthy foods and avoid hanging out with prostitutes] are personal favorites.

Now mister please go easy with me
I say please go easy with me
I quite agree that you can dance very well
Oh, please go easy with me

I don't love you when you holding my hips
Why should you rough me like this
I don't love you when you touching my breast
I want you to be at your best

Mister please go easy, oh
Please mister go easy with me

ooh lala

also, best cover:

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