Friday, September 21, 2012

Rail Band - Buffet Hotel de la Gare Bamako (1973)

ghostcapital recently re-upped this Rail Band record. it's mindfuckingblowing. the band also happens to have a great story; from GC:

"The Rail Band was founded in 1970, in Mali, with the sponsorship of the railway administration and the Ministry of Information. The National Railway Company secured a permanent venue at the Buffet Bar in the Station Hotel in Bamako. The band was formed with the hope of safeguarding and developing Malian music. The general idea was that weary travelers would tumble into the Buffet Bar where the Rail Band would perform real Manding music. Singing in Bambara, a Manding language spoken not only in Mali, but also in Guinea, the Gambia, and parts of Senegal, the band adopted traditional kora and balafon songs and rhythms mixing in an Islamic-influenced vocal style to what was becoming modern urban pop music. The Rail Band's music was Manding-influenced, latin-tinged, with with lightness and swing, and despite the modern instruments you can clearly hear the strains of the original Manding music." (African Music Encyclopedia)

it's such a brilliant idea to have a government ministry pay local musicians to lay out some of the best Malian music at the station buffet bar for everyone to enjoy. check the corporate record design, inc. the buffet hotel logo top right:

ok. so here goes. imagine being all angry and tired from travelling. to escape from the searing heat you order a beer in the Bamako railway station's buffet bar and you notice there's a band playing. and then this kicks off:

grab whole album here


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