Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Michael Hurley - Tea Song (1965)

last friday people were fighting on the street and my housemates and i were watching from a balcony in my room. small brawls are quite common in our area, but this time dozens of young revolutionaries were pelting rocks, bottles and the occasional fence at a group of muslim brotherhood adherents and vice versa. both groups kept charging at each other, one to hold on to their occupation of tahrir square, the other to break through and take over.

اشتباكات بين شباب الإخوان وعدد من المتظاهرين بالتحرير
Hardee's - back right - closed up shop for the occasion

over a hundred people were injured and eventually the revolutionaries won the square. since the wise choice was not to go out, we played risk and listened to michael hurley.


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