Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Benjamin Wetherill - Laura (2008)

Benjamin Wetherill’s an artist who I respect massively. He seems to have gone sadly under the radar of late, though some of the progressive stuff he’s done with the ‘Trumpets of Death’ is quite awesome. Here’s his debut album from 2008, ‘Laura’, which is an amazing contemporary recasting of some traditional folk songs and some wonderful original tunes.

‘For all the headlines’ and ‘Shallow Brown’ are good intros to his music, but some of the longer more complex tracks are worth repeat listens to really get a feel for him. I love this album it’s fucking incredible – the guitar-work and his voice are both phenomenal, and the extra instrumentation from A Hawk and A Hacksaw (and others) really compliments it. I also believe it was recorded in an abandoned church in Bulgaria (although I may be wrong) which adds to the flavour ;)

There are youtube clips but I didn’t really want to put one up as they’re generally not good enough quality to really convey the power of his music.