Friday, November 12, 2010

Nedry - Condors (2010)

Ok actually all that talk of Nedry in the post below made me want to dedicate a bit of blog space on here to them.

I've seen these guys develop their sound since I was playing in Green as a Primary a couple of years ago and it's been a pleasure to see them hone it like this and get some deserved recognition. Ayu's wonderfully ethereal voice and haunting melodies are an amazing addition to the well-crafted soundscapes of bass, beats and synths layered with intricate guitar work, and sometimes, just sometimes, it gets a little dirty - which is always nice. They're currently touring Europe with 65Days of Static.

Here's a big tune off their album Condors:

Here's their myspace - some awesome songs on there: - check out Clouded

I don't really want to link to a mediafire DL of their album because I know them and it makes stealing music feel a bit more real... that's my hypocrit's mea culpa. But check em out and BUY their album! lol.

Also they're heading your way a week today Phil (19th Nov) - so def go see them if you can. Check the listings on their myspace.


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