Wednesday, November 7, 2012

David Thomas Broughton - Outbreeding (2011)

Having thought that the music of David Thomas Broughton was going to stay in my memories of 2005/06 and his amazing album The Complete Guide to Insufficiency I was pleased to come across his most recent album Outbreeding. Brimming with classic DTB low-fi guitar and Yorkshire-accented vocals, it's been a lovely rediscovery, even if he is prone to occasionally testing live shows! (that's a story for another day). Here's my favourite song:

River Lay:

Luke edit: srsly for those who don't know him, DTB is such a character I love him - check this vid:

Ain't Got No Sole (it's about losing a shoe obv):

Check out Crowns & Owls for more awesome videos



  1. flo! great posts, enjoying grimes as well x

  2. She's sent me like 5 and I'm just dishing them over next week or so... Keen :-)