Monday, January 21, 2013

The Tammys - Egyptian Shumba (1963)

found this gem stuffed away in a surf-rock mixtape. the fantastic organ riffs, the primal shrieks of girl ecstasy, everything is just perfect. pure rock 'n roll harmony.

what's interesting is that the tune is supposed to sound middle eastern/exotic/arab - inc. lyrics on dancing with mummies/lovers down in egypt laaaand. perhaps the wild shrieks and primal sexual energy are raw orientalist expressions of what these girls imagine egypt and arabs sound like. maybe they needed to imagine the orient as a way to let go, which in itself - in a roundabout way- is pretty rock 'n roll.

no matter how they channeled their energies, egyptian shumbi is absolutely brilliant (1:55 - 2:00, holy shit - perfection). and just look at these babes:

best find of the year so far, hands down.


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