Monday, April 22, 2013

Mount Kimbie - Made To Stray (2013)

Here's an expansive, driving and beautifully melodic new track from London-based electronic duo Mount Kimbie. Made To Stray is from their hotly anticipated sophomore release Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, which is due to be released in late May on Warp Records. Pre-order it here.

Stupid anecdote: I once pretended to be in Mount Kimbie when I was back-stage at Field Day in London. All I wanted was some free merchandise, being the grifter I am.

What should have been a white lie turned into a clusterfuck when the guy asked if I'd do a quick interview. And when he wouldn't accept my polite refusals I just had to roll with it. What resulted was one of the most shambolic blags in my long grifting career: saying nothing and everything at the same time; giving NO information - because I had none - and giving my real name when asked, because I couldn't remember either of Mount Kimbie's names and it was clear I'd already gone beyond.

Luckily this guy didn't know them either, so it was plain sailing all the way to the merch. Although from his now lacklustre eyes it no longer seemed either of us believed I was in Mount Kimbie. I took the merch and hurriedly left.

Anyway - if you're reading guys, I'm so so sorry. For all concerned. And I like this track. ;-)


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