Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ciccone Youth - Into the Groovey (1986)

After Madge's much hyped SuperBowl appearance at the weekend, I thought I'd post this spectacularly detached cover from Sonic Youth & Mike Watts' great 1980s side project Ciccone Youth.

Sonic Youth were apparently fixated with the pop queen and used to play a distorted version of the original Madge track through an amp between songs during live sets - over time it morphed into this dark and ominous tribute that somehow manages to play out at the same tempo as the original, fusing Thurston's dispassionate and lazy delivery with unauthorized samples of the original upbeat disco classic.

The track comes from 'The Whitey Album' which consists of a bunch of ridiculous experimental tracks and blasé covers including Robert Palmer’s 'Addicted to Love', and another Madge tribute 'Burnin’ Up'.


[L: Allow me to introduce Adam (AL) as a new guest blogger! We may also be soon seeing Alex (AM) doing some guest blogs - so keep any eye out! Too many A's....]

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  1. YES. great call.

    also loving 'macbeth' on the whitey album