Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sheba Baby/Cool Breeze OST - Monk Higgins & Solomon Burke (1972/1975)

He hit
the Man
for $3 million.
Right where
it hurts.
In the diamonds.
And baby, that's cold.

best find in ages. two blaxploitation flicks, two soundtracks brimming with dirty gems.

1. Monk Higgins - Sheba Baby (1975)

16 tracks of effortless cool and technical perfection, advertised as hotter'n "coffy" ... meaner'n "foxy brown."

2. Solomon Burke - Cool Breeze (1972)

blam blam
right in the diamonds
right where it hurts.

soak it in


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  1. It's goin' down smooth and damn its makin' me feel allllright.