Monday, February 20, 2012

Neil Cowley Trio - The Face of Mount Molehill (2012)

I hadn't heard of Neil Cowley Trio until the other week - so massive thanks to my pal Ben for putting me onto these guys - really beautiful stuff.

So it turns out they've got a new album out (Jazzmann Review)! But first, here's an awesome track off their 2008 album 'Loud... Louder... Stop!' to get you in the mood...

I really love this tune. 'Clumsy Couple' is a totally chilled, flowing, piano-driven track with a river of jazz bursting beneath it and just perfectly executed. The melodies are beautiful and the powerful drums towards the end stop just short of exploding but are amazingly expressive. Needless to say the keys and the bass are just sweetness.

Neil Cowley Trio - you're awesome!

So - their new album is just out: The Face of Mount Molehill (2012). Here's a great tune from it - 'Rooster was a Witness'. Expansive soundscapes with jaunty but meandering melodies. It's the same core instrumentation plus strings weaving the fabric of this tune; pretty diverse styles across the album (from what I've heard so far):

Oh yeh - and if you're in the UK, they're touring in March and April - so go and see 'em! Check their website for more details.


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